Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Little Introduction

(I promised this blog entry months ago...but, unfortunately, I got sidetracked by the black plague. Heh.)

Question: can a single woman experience love at first sight…with a happily married woman?   
Well, I mean…a single woman who likes men.  And I mean, “like” as in…ok, never mind…you get it.  Here’s my point: sometimes when you meet someone…you just know that this person is the real deal.  I don’t often have that response to strangers, so I can say without a doubt…the woman that I’m referring to IS worth knowing.  So, if you’re reading this blog…today is your lucky day. You get to meet the Little family.
The Little Family
(Aaron, Jennifer & Jude)
Meet my friend, Jennifer Little.  We’ve known each other for about a year.  I met her several days after she started working a few doors down from me.  The first thing I noticed was that I could look her in the eye...which at 5’9+ is a lovely surprise.  Then I noticed that she had fabulous taste in clothing…and…she was uber preggo (that’s fancy talk for “very pregnant”).  *Snort* Ok, I admit…I totally noticed her clothing first.  What?  Apparently, I appreciate a snappy dresser…especially one who is great with child. 
After a few mutual job assignments, we fell into the comfortable rapport of long-acquainted friends.  She loves Jesus too…and likes to talk about Him in personal, honest ways.  She loves to laugh…and, even more wicked-awesome…she appreciates sarcasm (a friend-requirement, in my book).   She is kind…very kind…always taking the time to remember people’s names.  I like that about her.  She also has this serene, mature intelligence that makes her stand out in a crowd…and not because she’s tall (insert joke drum beat here).  But I think my favorite thing about Jennifer Little is her vulnerability.   She is a walking, talking, breathing testimony to the fragility and strength of a pilgrim’s journey.   If someone made a Jennifer Little Fan Club t-shirt…I would totally wear it.
Eventually, Jen became un-preggo…when she delivered a very handsome little man-child named Jude.  He and I reached a very important understanding.  I got Jude to understand that he shouldn’t cry when I hold him…and he finally got me to understand that I shouldn’t try to hold him when he’s due for a good cry.  Heh.  After my much deserved schooling…we are now becoming bosom buddies.  Little Jude is charming and adorable…and has a grin that slays the hearts of all woman-kind.  I hope I get to cuddle him very soon.  And when he gets older, I’m going to woo him with chocolate milk. 
Aaron Little…the hubs and dad…rounds out the precious Little family.  He is an associate minister at one of our local churches.  I often forget that he’s a “man of the cloth” because he’s so down-to-earth and approachable (in that way…he reminds me of Jesus).  I knew I was going to like Aaron when he showed up to my birthday dodge-ball party wearing full dork gear.  Yep, he won my friendship with a head band and tube socks…what can I say…I’m easy.   On his birthday, I inexplicably referred to him as Jason almost the entire evening.  He, of course, took it with grace and the appropriate level of retributive sarcasm.  I sure do like that Jason…errrr…Aaron.  I’d wear tube socks for him any day. 
I think the Littles are worth knowing every day of the year…but I wanted you to know them because of one day in particular: May 22, 2011.  You see, they are one of the thousands of families in Joplin, Missouri whose lives were dramatically altered by the random cruelty of an EF5 Tornado.  It’s a story of loss and hope…a story of glorious ruins.  Through the Spirits prompting, I asked Jennifer to tell her story in my blog.  And I’m STOKED to announce that she agreed to do it!  Get ready, people…a beautiful testimony is about to happen all up in here…mmmhmmm, yes, Jesus, and Amen!   
I'll post Jen's story this weekend...wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...

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